Just 15 minutes from Prague you can enjoy stylish modern living in the residential project U Turského rybníka. Name of this project suggests that the project is located close to the pond. The pond fringed round the old lime trees, inspired the developer to a project of reconstruction of the nearby stables and also construction of new row houses and apartment buildings with a view of the water level. You can find 3 types of residential housing in our project: 


Tursko Rybnika

• Apartments • Maisonettes • Row houses


The project will be surrounded by 16 row houses ranging in size from 160 m² to 200 m² and a garden providing privacy to every house. The newly built apartment houses will provide space for popular maisonettes up to 120 m² in which you will find galleries, light staircases or terraces, and with their concepts and atmosphere will be lofty. It is also remembered for classic flats, but in a very unusual manner and unconventional apartments in disposition corresponding to the contemporary demands for housing. There are also balconies, terraces and lodgings. Most apartments on the ground floor will have a private garden and all residents will have access to a common garden in the courtyard leading to the pond. For more information: www.uturskehorybnika.cz/en/





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